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sheep's wool

what is sheep's wool?

our rugs are made out of natural sheep's wool, and colored mainly using natural dyes. usually the wool is acquired from the sheep in the mountains, hand spun to form the yarn, and weaved and knotted into beautiful rugs.

where do we source it?

morocco & ethiopia


because the rug is made out of sheep's wool and dyed with natural dyes, it is really important that no chemical soaps are used when cleaning.


vacuum your rug regurlarly to make sure the dust and dirt from normal usage gets cleared up quickly and does not have a chance to penetrate the fibers.

spot removal

blot up liquids with paper towels or an absorbent clean, white cloth (colored cloths could potentially transfer their color to the rug), apply mild soap and start from the outer edge of the spot and work inward to prevent excess spreading.
do not rub. blot dry using another clean cloth, repeat as many times as necessary, finish with blotting lukewarm water and blot drying it again.

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