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given growing demand, sister*hood now also offers specialized design services. our platform is an opportunity to give female artisanship the visibility they deserve on a larger, international scale - and over the years, we learnt that B2B projects, designer collaborations and even private events can be a powerful way to do so.

turning your creative ideas into reality,
ethically made & socially conscious.

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anything is possible when working directly with artisans, isn’t that beautiful? whether you’re an interior designer or an individual, we regularly work with clients on customizations of rugs, textiles or wall plates. there is (almost) no limitation to your imagination: size, colors and patterns can easily be adapted to accommodate your personal taste and aesthetic needs.

are you planning a special celebration like an “arabian nights” themed birthday party? are you hosting your friends for a colorful garden party? or are you curating your gift registry for your big wedding day? we’ve got you covered. clients have reached out to cooperate with wedding planners or to put together gift lists for a baby shower. no matter the occasion, we love to help our clients infuse a little ethical craftsmanship into their special celebrations.

events & weddings

hotels & restaurants

it’s about time that the hospitality industry raises their sustainability standards, don’t you think? we believe that fair trade and corporate social responsibility should not only apply to food, fashion and consumer goods, but also the world of interiors. if you’re working on a hotel or restaurant project and are hunting for ethically sourced pieces, you’ve come to the right place. sister*hood searches the world for high-quality craftsmanship & intricate design. our product offering is not easily found in europe, and we love to work with clients on differentiating themselves from the competition - not just aesthetically but also socially.

interior designers & architects

sister*hood offers special B2B conditions to professionals in the interior & design industry. ensuring fair trade principles without compromising on aesthetics was never easier - reach out and let us know which pieces you are interested in. our B2B discounts are staggered depending on total order size.

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if you have any other service requests or creative ideas, don't hesitate to contact us via email on

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