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working with artisans

trade, not aid. this approach guides our decision making and relationship building when working with socially conscious businesses and artisanal collectives. our aim is to see eye-to-eye and engage in mutually beneficial transactions.

ethics & aesthetics.  this is of utmost importance when carefully choosing & curating each piece. we aspire to build a business that doesn't compromise on ethics or aesthetics because we believe ethical production can only be truly sustainable for local communities when there is long-term customer demand for the products.

female empowerment. the vast majority of our artisan partners are female craftspeople, in order to support their economic development. exceptions are made when social enterprises establish inclusive work environments for all genders.

 collaboration. the way we collaborate with our artisanal partners depends on the local setup, level of quality & professionalism and product type. this means our work requires a high level of flexibility & continuous dedication to foster a respectful business relationship that matches our partners’ needs and operating style. 

we currently work with artisans from 15 countries across all continents.
when working with artisanal, small batch producers and sourcing from remote & often underserved areas, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. 
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