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dinner parties

hosting never looked so good & did good at the same time. whether you’re hosting a dinner party, a bridal shower or just coffee date with friends - we’ve got you covered!

browse our ethically sourced pieces to

elevate your table scape.


celebrating friends & togetherness

with thoughtful table decor & gifts that are kind to people & planet.


large bloom woven bowl - flourish

145 EUR

every dinner party needs a centrepiece, in this case we recommend this beautiful large woven bowl - perfect for the party fruits to be passed around and admired in the middle of your dinner table. the light pastel colors give it a subtle yet happy tone to your party.

hand carved mini serving boards

from 32EUR

sipping wine & eating your way through a cheese platter = our ideal friday (girls) night. our square, rectangle and/or round mini serving boards from rwanda add nuanced detail to your table scape and can easily be passed around the dinner table.

sharing is caring, and these cute 'lil boards make a sharing menu easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy. ,

artisanal vases from algeria

from 159 EUR

okay, so this one might be a tad expensive for "just" a dinner party invite. but if you're invited to a housewarming party or an engagement dinner, then a statement piece like the ibkki vases are a great choice.

boring guests bring flowers, cool guests bring quirky flower vases!

milulu grass placemats from tanzania

14 EUR

simple & natural. these placemats are not the star of the show but they're easy to accessorise with other fun bowls & plates. don't be shy to mix it up with different aesthetics - even your grandma's china with some fun, colorful napkins go well with these simple placemats (trust us, we've tried!)

market baskets from ghana

from 99 EUR

divide & conquer with your friends - some bring delicacies, others bring the beverages, you bring the basket. fill up the market basket with the goods you brought, decorate it nicely & hand it over to your host! voila, it's that simple.

it's a goodie basket in a good basket (wow, what a shitty wordplay).


every purchase supports artisans & craftmakers in real, mostly rural communities.


small pakurigo wave basket

99 EUR

the playful wave baskets are smile-inducing gifts guaranteed to delight every kind of host. whether it's used as a fruit basket, a collector of keychains and sunglasses or simply a centrepiece in the dining room, you can't go wrong with this one.

baskets are handwoven in ghana from elephant grass and kept free from any fussy design to suit every taste.

hancarved wooden kitchen utensils

from 15 EUR

these hand-carved wooden spoons combine the dependable design of classic kitchen utensils with a stylish twist — a must for any foodie!

the light musave wood makes these utensils as gorgeous on the countertop as they are useful in the kitchen!


to complete our dinner party gift guide

browse our favourite cook books below.

from indian curries to levantine cuisine, these are our top 5 all-time favorite cookbooks! we hope you get inspired 💛


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