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our aim is to empower women around the globe to write their own story.

at sister*hood, we source intricate, locally crafted design products and curate each piece. 


by combining design, handicraft, culture, travel, and all things beautiful – we provide a mindful platform to female artisans from around the globe to showcase their talent.


in search of extraordinary designs we establish partnerships with remarkable women from underserved communities, where handicraft is part of heritage, as old as sisterhood.

(c) M. Kupfersberger

trade, not aid.


our hood is not about charity, it is about building a bridge between traditional crafts(wo)manship from marginalized communities and bustling, creative Vienna. 


we facilitate socially conscious purchases that ensure the people behind the products are supported and can unfold their full potential. 


after all, achieving financial independence is one of the first and most important steps in ensuring sustainable and lasting change in contemporary communities.


(c) M. Kupfersberger

creative. conscious. contemporary.

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