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we are a Vienna-based sister duo with the idealistic idea that work should not only keep our brains busy but also fully and truly engage our hearts. 

towards the end of 2020 the time was ripe to turn our long-lasting creative passions, spanning from interior design to fabrics, literature and photography and well… all things pretty, into a professional undertaking - 

sister*hood was born.

supporting underrepresented groups of modern society, in particular women, and connecting them with the Viennese market whilst testing the limits of our own creativity seemed exhilarating and daunting, and continues to challenge us every day.


together, we're in pursuit of doing better.

the bigger sister, our wine-loving bon vivant, master chef in-the-making, untamable hair goddess, and crazy bookworm, who is very serious about her VW Bus road trips.  

the little sister (depending on how you see it), our restless traveler, power point shortcut nerd, amateur photographer and freckled face, that recently became a certified yoga teacher.

meet veronika!

meet magdalena!

(c) B.Kupfersberger

(c) N. Hellmayr

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