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hey there stranger ...

we are a sister duo, born and raised in austria in a family of (head) strong women – which our name certainly pays reference to. the feeling of support and trust that comes from sisterhood is at the centre of everything we do and how we work with our global partners.

our intention is to create a space for fun gatherings, making new friends, handicraft and design – hence a hood of our own. most importantly, the asterisk signifies that



is welcome

in our hood.




a community/association linked and inspired by a common interest, passion, or trade

a companionship of trust and support between women who share ideas and aims

the close relationship between sisters


/ˈho͝od /


a slang expression for a community, or area, defined by distinct characteristics or atmosphere

a space that brings people together within a society that share similar interests and organize joint gatherings




a symbol ensuring all our brothers, families, friends, and everybody else are welcome in this hood

(c) M. Kupfersberger

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