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womencraft is a fair trade certified social enterprise in ngara in the remote  northeast of tanzania.

their mission is to increase economic opportunity in the post-conflict, tri-border area of rwanda, burundi and tanzania by bringing rural women together, facilitating their growth and connecting their artistry to the global marketplace. through womencraft, over 600 artisans advance themselves, raise stronger families, stimulate their communities and inspire the world around them.



location - tanzania & burundi
materials - raffia, sweetgrass, papyrus grass,  banana bark & upcycled gunia sacks
craft - traditional basket weaving



"we have always followed a peace-centered approach, connecting women with diverse backgrounds through the enterprise"


celebrating traditional crafts


the artisans of womencraft first do the step of harvesting, where they collect natural grasses from local river beds. the grass varies from raffia, sweetgrass to papyrus and star grass. 


all products are intricately woven by hand following traditional weaving techniques which have been passed down from generation to generation for hundreds of years. the weaving technique is very labor intensive so even smaller products take several days to weave.


artisans use molds and are supervised by lead-weavers to ensure all products meet womencraft's high quality standards.

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all pictures in this article were taken from womencraft's official website. illustrations made by yvonne rausch.

more about the materials raffia & sweet grass  & how to take care of their products.

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