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product care


what is sweetgrass?

sweetgrass is a fragrant grass with long, satiny leaves, used widely in africa & north america for basket weaving and herbal medicine.

the abundance of raw sweetgrass in rwanda has made it an integral element of the long-practiced craft of basket-weaving and an important part of the country’s culture.

where do we source it?



remove any stains as quickly as possible by blotting the stain with a clean, absorbent cloth until the cloth is saturated. do not rub the stain or you will push the stain into the fibres. continue blotting with a clean cloth until the cloth comes away dry. 

sun & fading

due to being all natural fibers, keep dyed products out of direct sunlight for long periods of time to avoid natural fading.
all natural products with little or no coloring do well in direct sunlight.

product care

avoid submerging the product  in water. avoid using chemicals or detergents.
after serving bread or other dried foods, turn the product upside down then shake and tap to release crumbs

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