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the basket room

the beating heart of this ethical brand and fair trade enterprise are the weavers themselves, spread across ghana, swaziland, kenya, tanzania, and zambia.

basket weaving is a craft as old as mankind. for millennia, folk have been binding and plaiting natural fibres, weaving vessels of all shapes and sizes for trading, storing and transporting goods in. the founders take us on their journey as they continue to explore africa in search of the most remarkable weaving communities,

introducing us to women plying their precious trade as their mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers have taught them to. by supporting the basket room, daughters and granddaughters will hopefully be able to continue to weave and to benefit from the fair wages and dignified working conditions that come from working within a cooperative. for real homes, from real people.

location - kenya, zambia, ghana, tanzania, swaziland
materials - sisal grass
craft - traditional basket weaving








"built upon a love of craft, textiles and art, and a desire to protect these industries in the fast-moving modern world"


celebrating traditional crafts


the small rural communities will often have local reserves from sisal plants from which they harvest their fibres before preparing them for weaving.


as soon as humankind figured out that reeds could be intertwined, they began to experiment with them. it is an age-old tradition and a creative form of expression that is taught, learned & developed over one's lifespan. to this day, it remains an integral part of african history and culture.

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the designs, indigenous fibres and techniques used to produce each basket reflect the identity of the country they come from.

more about the material sisal grass
& how to take care of their products.


discover our basket room collection

all pictures in this article were taken from the basket room's's official website. illustrations made by yvonne rausch.

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