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kasinde crafts

social enterprise kasinde crafts work with talented artisan women handcrafting natural baskets in kenya. the women, who are between the ages of 25 and 90, come together and collaborate in units, which leads to increased integration into the community and opportunities for them to creatively exchange ideas and advice. the income the artisans earn by creating these baskets supports their household earnings, which are usually generated from agriculture and farming. women can feel empowered, use their voices, and participate in essential decision-making processes at home and in the community at-large.

a female collective of over 1,700 basket weavers and artisans that use their skills to assist in the conservation of their environment. the organisation currently supports 61 women’s groups that make handicrafts throughout the kasigau region in south-eastern kenya and, in doing so, complements larger conservation initiatives in the area.



location - kenya
materials - sisal grass
craft - traditional basket weaving


"a sustainable alternative to charcoal production, basket weaving results in more trees, enabling conservation of a threatened forest and wildlife"


honoring traditional handcrafting techniques

artisans carefully cut & collect the sisal leaves, drain the liquid from the leaves, extract and weave the fibers, and dye the strands with natural dyes for vibrant colors


after the dyed strands have had time to dry, an artisan will weave them into the basket’s frame and body.


the baskets are customized according to the design, and each is made following an intricate cultural technique passed down across generations.

more about the material sisal & how to take care of their products.


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all pictures were taken by marion payr ; information in this article was taken from (1)(2); illustrations made by yvonne rausch.

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