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collective humanity

collective humanity offers consciously handcrafted goods for the globally inspired home. these pieces are handmade by more than 60 female artisans in cambodia working towards economic equality, helping them generate sustainable, dignified, and empowering sources of income to care for themselves and uplift their communities.

each piece is handcrafted using only the finest natural materials in a way that honors the earth, the makers, and their heritage. all of the artisans specialize in blending traditional techniques such as loom weaving & botanical dyeing and modern design to bring you products that showcase the rich beauty, history, and culture of their country. loom weaving is a traditional technique, which is already depicted on the walls of the cambodian temples of angkor wat. much like loom weaving, botanical and natural dyes are unique artisan skills that have been passed down generation to generation, surviving war and genocide in cambodia.

from the homes of the cambodian artisans, to yours.



location - cambodia
materials - organic cotton & plant based natural dyes
craft - loom weaving


"the collective vision is a world where all human beings have access to opportunities that enable themselves, their families, and their communities to thrive"


celebrating traditional crafts


once the yarn is spun, then the loom must be warped. this step takes place by setting up a board with pegs on each side. the weavers walk the thread back and forth, placing it over the adjacent peg each time until the warping is complete.


then the denting process starts, requiring the weavers to insert each single thread into each reed/comb. after that, beaming takes place by rolling the yarn onto a wooden board to place at the foot of the loom. this process requires at least 5 women to warp one loom.

About - Elaine McKellips

the drafting process is when a weaver threads a bamboo stick through the strung loom to create texture or style for that specific piece. once all of those steps are complete, the weaving magic begins!

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all pictures  and text in this article were taken from collective humanity's official website. illustrations made by yvonne rausch.

more about the material organic cotton & how to take care of their products.

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