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product care


what is organic cotton?

cotton is a fiber that grows in a ball around the seeds of the cotton plants. organic cotton is harvested, irrigated and processed using natural procedures. using less water (88%) and energy (62%) than conventional cotton.

where do we source it?

colombia, tanzania & cambodia

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washing & drying

hand wash or machine wash your cotton pieces between cool and lukewarm temperatures.
to prevent shrinkage, avoid hot temperatures. air-dry your pieces.


use high heat with a slightly damp fabric.

tasseled items

all tasseled items are washable. flip the pillowcases inside out to provide extra care when washing or wash using a laundry net to prevent tassels from tangling.

handspun cotton

some products have a rustic texture that comes from handspun cotton. when washing, avoid scrubbing heavily directly on the surface or use a laundry net when washing.

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