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azizi life

azizi life partners with rwandan artisans, who craft beautifully designed, handmade goods with a vision to lift their families out of poverty.

with their fair trade income, parents are caring for the health, nutrition, and education of their children. families are building better homes. by the work of their hands, women are becoming financial contributors in their families and leaders in their communities.

location - rwanda
materials - raffia, sweetgrass, wood
craft - traditional basket weaving, hand carving wood




"our goal is to offer opportunities for growth artistically, organizationally, inter-personally, and spiritually."


celebrating community & crafts


azizi life is mindful of the environmental impact of the collection and use of raw materials. the majority of raw materials come from local plants, which continue to grow even after the fibers are harvested.


all products are intricately woven by hand following traditional weaving techniques, which have been passed down from generation to generation for hundreds of years. the weaving technique is very labor intensive, so even smaller products take several days to complete.


while the ladies sit together weaving or pursuing other artistic projects, they chat about all things in life: from best farming practices to child care. it is a time for them to build mutual support & friendship which previously they did not have time for, as they worked full time in the fields and in their homes.

discover our azizi life collection

more about the materials raffia & sweet grass  & how to take care of their products.


all pictures in this article were taken from azizilfe's official website. illustrations made by yvonne rausch.

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