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yoga @ the hood - november

let your inside shine brighter, as the outdoors get darker day by day.


our thursday evening flows together were a great success. thank you to all kind souls who joined us on the mat! the sunday classes on the other hand... ouff, they were rather lonely and almost no one signed up. but hey, we're learning and growing every day and we will continue to adapt to our community's needs.

what does this mean for november? we will continue the thursday after-work classes.

we are also excited that our powerhouse lisa (seriously how can so much strength for tough poses come from such a tiny person...see below for proof) will come back next month for more sessions.

photo rights & credits belong to lisa buchegger


complemented by sustainable goods for yoga rituals

if you've visited our hood before, you will know that we have a knack for the extraordinary. it's because we pay great attention to detail and take pride in bringing people joy through subtle gestures.

this is why we partner with KOSA, a Vienna-based online concept store, who help us design holistic yoga sessions for your body & mind. to really get you flowing, we use special items like white sage smudge sticks, sandal wood or palo santo. every class features new KOSA goodies for modern rituals.

photo rights & credits belong to KOSA store & purnama rituals


november schedule

04.11.21 thursday 7.15pm yoga @ the hood - with lisa

11.11.21 thursday 7.15pm yoga @ the hood - with lisa

18.11.21 thursday 7.15pm yoga @ the hood - with lisa

25.11.21 thursday 7.30pm sound bath @ the hood - with stephanie


mindful yoga classes at sister*hood

designed for the modern soul.

organised in exclusive small circles.

elevated by unique goodies, light snacks & tea.

60 minutes.

16 EUR per class.

please bring your own mat.

3G rules apply


photo by dane wetton


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