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why this matters to us

change needs to happen, and as it happens slowly, we need to facilitate that simple, yet fundamental values of equality become woven deep into the cultural fabrics of our society.


born and raised in peaceful Austria, we grew up in a family where girls are worth the same as boys. our gender never stood in our way of doing what we wanted. our choices to enter male dominated industries such as business informatics, civil engineering and strategy consulting are proof of that.

but we also learned from a very young age that not all girls are lucky enough to grow up confident of their value, their worth and their opportunities. like going to school. or having a career. or keeping your hard-earned money to yourself. or, sometimes, having an opinion or choice, at all.

as we travelled the world with our family and friends, we explored diverse countries, their immense beauty, kind-hearted people and wonderful traditions. but our travels often revealed the flipside of communities and how difficult it can be for girls and women to gain (financial) independence.



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