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joining forces with other social enterprises

we are proud to announce that, as of 2023, we are a member of austria's social entrepreneurship network called SENA.

SENA helps us connect with other socially minded business owners and represents our interest in governmental & public affairs. not only does SENA create opportunities in the public sector for us, it also increases the visibility of social businesses in the austrian entrepreneurship landscape.

we will certainly be drawing on the networking opportunities that SENA provides, as well as expertise in impact investing, funding & grant making.

we look forward to working with SENA and joining forces with other social enterprises!


upcoming event: funding & financing for social entrepreneurs

who: anyone running, owning or thinking about social ventures

when: feb 14, 5-7pm

where: sister*hood vienna, zollergasse 25, 1070 vienna

join us at sister*hood vienna for a panel discussion on "impact financing" with a strong set of female experts Simone Pies, Alexandra Nitzlader and Lena Gansterer. our panelists will talk us through the austrian funding landscape and will be available to answer any of your capital-related questions over a drink or two 💡

to register for the event, please get your free ticket here.

join us for our next community evening to learn more about impact investing beyond philanthropy and grants.

see you in the hood!


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