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inspired by travels

from a very young age, we've been fortunate enough to travel the world and roam different continents. in fact maggie's first time on a transatlantic flight was shortly after she was born - when our parents relocated our whole family with three little kids from austria to the west coast of the united states.

we consider it an immense privilege to explore different cultures and be inspired from the people we've met, the stories they told and the history these foreign places have experienced over the last centuries. our travels are our main source of inspiration & motivation behind sister*hood.



across all continents, we discovered the intricate patterns and lively colors of foreign cultures, the century-old techniques that mostly female artisans still applied in their every-day life, and the beautiful objects that each carried a piece of cultural heritage within them.

what struck us, was the exploitation of artisan communities by greedy traders, western enterprises or "middle-men" business models - so little money actually stayed with the creators, only tiny parts of the supply chain benefitted the local communities. don't get us wrong - a lot of crafts(wo)men rely on the support that these businesses provide, because else they would have no sales platform or access to global marketplaces at all.


it is our intention, to establish a more mindful & equal partnership with talented artisans as well as social enterprises from all over the globe. sister*hood aims to provide a platform for them to showcase their talent, create opportunities for employment and gain a dignified source of income.

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