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celebrating our launch weekend

around September 10th we opened our doors and started welcoming our first customers. the opening weekend was filled with friends & family stopping by but also many new faces paying us a visit! drinks, snacks, lots of flowers and LOTS of smiles all around us - what a lovely weekend. thanks a lot to everyone who came!

we wanted to share a few candid snaps with you that we took during the weekend, enjoy!


we started sister*hood to spread our love for traveling, culture, craft, design, female empowerment & connecting people across the globe!

our aim is to connect female artisans from underserved communities to the creative hub of vienna - this way these women can participate in a global market place they otherwise would not have access to. this mission is only possible and achievable through you, our customers. so thank you for supporting us in this social business and helping women around the world earn a dignified income.

lots of love & warm hugs,

maggie & vroni



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