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artist in residence

for limited time only.

we're excited to announce that sister*hood has partnered up with vienna-based local artist carina schubert. for the entire month of april, you can see some of her paintings exhibited in our store and you can purchase them through us directly.

carina paints "abstract emotional landscapes & figurative emotional faces for people who are mindful of their entire range of feelings and confidently go their own way."

why did we decide to enter this collab?

does this fit our overall business philosophy? is sister*hood even the right fit for carina and what do we have to offer her? three very great questions. three questions we also thought a while about.

the truth is: we just wanted to experiment and have some fun. we wanted to bring a boldness but also lightness to our store to celebrate the arrival of spring. to add something slightly unexpected yet congruent with our current color scheme. this does not mean we will permanently add paintings or viennese artists to our product assortment. but for this month, we'll have some fun and run with it 💛

her mantra: "more honesty & self-determination is good for all of us"

not only carina's mantra but her overall attitude really spoke to us. just like our founding sister veronika, carina is also a mother of a young kid - trying to do it all. juggling and struggling, striving and thriving.

the picture below shows carina & her little kid in front of her painting called "SISTERHOOD". how fitting, right? 😉

what does sisterhood mean to carina?

"it is the women who are honestly imperfect. who show weaknesses. who point out problems. who are angry. with whom I want to grow together. with whom I want to exchange ideas. with whom I want to change together."

well... maybe now you see why we thought "fuck it, let's play around a bit and add something new to the store". because we felt like we had some stuff in common with carina. and because we felt like - after all - we want to use our space to showcase extraordinary female talent across creative disciplines

until end of april.

for limited time only.


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