Llama Embroidered Handwoven Storage Basket

Llama Embroidered Handwoven Storage Basket

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  • made from sisal grass

  • 23-27cm DIA X 23-27cm H

  • handcrafted by artisans in kenya

  • each comes with a branded leather tab



An inquisitive llama - designed by illustrator Jacqueline Colley - peers out from the side of this beautifully handwoven storage basket. Woven in rural Kenya and embroidered by Nduta, a talented artist in the capital of Nairobi, this beautiful basket can be used all over the home - as a planter or desk tidy, or for keeping craft materials, pencils, toiletries or jewellery tidy.


our fabulous embroidered baskets are made from sustainably sourced sisal grass and make wonderful ethical gifts - the stylish solution to all manner of household clutter. from cables, stationery and remote controls to make up, crayons, nappies and toiletries, we’ve got an embroidered basket for every need, whim and fancy. 



photo credits & rights by basket room.