Jemima 10 Cows Basket - Pink Explosion

Jemima 10 Cows Basket - Pink Explosion

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  • 25-30 cm high / 25-30 cm wide
  • crafted from elephant grass (veta vera grass)
  • handmade in ghana from artisan weavers
  • original basket from the baba tree basket company


use this spectactular basket to hide away your kids' playstation controllers or use it as a decorative vase for fresh & dried flowers!


jemima akolgo was the first to weave this type of basket in bolgatanga, ghana - so of course it was named after her and her master skills. since then, jemima has taught and inspired many weavers with her innovative approach to traditional gurunsi folklore. our loyal partner baba tree basket company is the unreachable master of honouring local basket traditions & creating exciting forms with the oldest craft in the world is what we do best!




  • as this is a handcrafted item, sizes & shapes may vary slightly
  • water does not harm the basket. in fact, you can re-shape the basket by immersing it fully in water and letting it dry in the sun
  • small dents from transport can be fixed by immersing the basket in water and re-shaping it