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the anou cooperative

the anou cooperative offers a fresh alternative to traditional cultural clichés – and a challenge to outdated if not even colonial market models.

it is an artisan-led award winning collective of over 600 artisans from cooperatives, associations, and workshops across morocco. it continuously welcomes new members to the community that are committed to authenticity, quality and transparency. the artisan-led model cuts out all sorts of middlemen, so that artisans earn what resale organizations traditionally make. products beautifully displayed in marrakech or instagram only net artisans less than 4% of what you pay. oftentimes, this doesn't even cover the material costs, let alone the hours of work invested. real change in the artisan sector doesn't happen by paying artisans a little extra money, but only by giving the artisans the power and market access to thrive in their own craft. at the anou cooperative, the artisans themselves are empowered to set a retail price and take care of the entire production process - from design choices to product photography. most importantly, the artisan-led model reinvests 20% into the artisan community through training or employment to ensure the future of craft. anou is automating traditional middlemen work and ensuring the resulting wealth stays in artisan hands.

location - morocco
materials - sheep's wool
craft - traditional rug weaving




"is is our mission to create an artisan owned & managed moroccan craft economy"


celebrating traditional crafts


the first step of weaving these beautiful rugs happens in the summertime, when sheep are ready to take off their winter's fur. the weavers go to the altas mountains to collect the sheep's wool.


the material is then washed & spun to have a consistent and resistant thread to be able to weave with. next, the wool is dyed with natural & environmentally safe dyes.

lastly the weaving process beginns. hand-loomed rugs are woven on fixed or revolving frames. the warp threads are stretched vertically and form the spine or structure of the textile. the weft threads are passed over and under, or in and out of the warp horizontally to create a pattern. depending on the size and technique a rug weaving process can last months to complete.(x)

discover our the anou collection

more about the material sheep's wool  & how to take care of their products.

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all pictures in this article were taken from the anou cooperative's official website. illustrations made by yvonne rausch.

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