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inspired peru

inspired peru is a fair-trade, sustainable and eco-conscious enterprise that is 100% owned and operated by peruvian artisans. this means the people creating the goods are in charge of running the company.

peruvian artisans worldwide have been working for other companies for generations, without receiving recognition for their labor. the indigenous people have passed the skill of weaving down through generations and most children learn it before their 10th birthday.

all artisan communities are located in the andes mountain of peru, somewhere in the highlands around the city of cusco. the thick, warm and sturdy handwoven frazadas – famous for their very warm & vibrant colors – are hand-loomed on 100% wool yarn and natural dyes. they are typically used as blankets to protect against the chilly temperatures in the high altitudes.

location - peru
materials - wool 
craft - loom weaving




"the mission is to produce handmade fair trade products to empower artisans to share their stories and art with the world"

inspired peru.jpg

celebrating traditional crafts


inspired peru works with alpaca wool that they collect from alpacas living in the peruvian mountains. they spin the wool & dye it using natural ingredients found in their surroundings.


after the dying process the artisans use traditional weaving techniques such as loom and hand weaving to create the vibrant patterns that are typical in peru.


the artisans have learned their craft and skills since they are about 10 years old, and were taught from their mothers and grandmothers. it is a skill that passes from generation to generation.

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all pictures in this article were taken from inspired peru's official website and instagram

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