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ashanti design

the spirit of africa can’t be explained, it can only really be felt. there is beauty in its chaos, survival in its resourcefulness and triumph in its consistent inconsistencies.

all this and more is celebrated by ashanti, and the perfect imperfections are cherished in every piece. the cape town-based business embraces head, heart & craft as it pursues three goals: social, environmental & economical sustainability.

the social enterprise has truly mastered combining traditional craft & contemporary design. the techniques & tools used have been passed down for decades, so with each purchase, you help share ancient designs with the world and keep african workmanship, culture & craft alive.

location - south africa
materials - upcycled fabric & local grass
craft - hand weaving & hand wrapping




"by bringing contemporary style to  traditional workmanship, we keep an incredible craft alive and help future generations succeed"


celebrating traditional crafts


the fibre of their colourful fabric originates from t-shirt offcuts: perfectly good material that would otherwise go to landfill.  in a year ashanti sorted, stripped & tied (wait for it) 19 million six hundred thousand meters of colourful weft thread. to think that would have been landfill!


after preparing the fabric, the lamp weavers take over by crafting with traditional hand weaving & hand wrapping techniques into sturdy metal frames to create their beautiful statement lamp shade pieces.


creativity & resourcefulness is at the heart of the african way.

ashanti lamp.png

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all pictures in this article were taken from ashanti's official website. illustrations made by yvonne rausch.

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